Boomtown Breaks Test Break #2 2023 NBA Prizm 2xMega 3xBlaster


Alright Boomtown Card Fam! Welcome to the second break utilizing our new website. This has been an arduous process and a long time coming, but we wanted to make sure we could provide the most user friendly, efficient, and streamlined process for joining into breaks. With this new format, we will be able to have more variety and be able to run more breaks for our Card Fam! We are ready to roll!

Breaks run through our Boomtown Card Fam Facebook Page which can be found here

As soon as a break fills, you will be tagged in a new post in the Trading Card Fam page. This is where we will run randoms, and where you can make trades and stay up to date on when we are live. Thank you all in advance for your patience as we get this new process up and running, and let’s get some CHEESE!

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2023 NBA Prizm Basketball
3x Blaster Box 24 Count
2x Mega Box 50 Count

Breaking live at


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